Concrete Projections

February 21, 2012

The gallery shows some pictures of what started a fun attempt to communicate the method and technique used to construct a material structure in an immaterial way. Using a projector secured to a balcony from high over head, we showed the location of the voids, the location of the steel reinforcement and some other imaginative patterns that completely changed the perception of the concrete surface.






2 Responses to “Concrete Projections”

  1. Monica Cross said

    Hello, are you still working with concrete? I am a garden designer working mainly in London. I need to have a wedge shaped concrete block made with a very rough surface, almost like a large pumice stone. I see that people use aluminium powder yo make air pockets in concrete.The idea is that plants will establish and grow on the block. I love the way you have used bubble wrap and the pictures are great. I realise this is an old blog, but please get in touch if you’re interested in talking. I would like to do something for Chelsea Fringe (alternative gardening festival) either this year or next, but I’m interested in using this idea in my gardens aswell.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Monica Cross (07515488254)

    • Hi Monica. Sounds really interesting. I don’t know much about additives such as aluminium powder – they would probably leave a residue that might affect the surface quality of the concrete or contaminate the soil? Needs investigating! Do the air pockets – do they to be within the concrete or like deep recesses on the surface? I have something in mind, some old tests we did using string, that might be a starting point? I’ll dig out some old images and email them over to you…

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