‘We’re going to disrupt this technology!’…

…It’s the topic for this blog:  ‘Concrete Fabrication’, so called because the present project is investigating fabric formwork in the production of concrete structures.

I’m a Master of Architecture student at the University of Edinburgh and myself and two other students are beginning a studio module that researches ‘Disruptive Technologies’ within the sphere of architecture.

What are ‘Disruptive Technologies?’ I shall explain in the first proper entry. But briefly, we shall be looking at two absorbing yet contrasting subject areas where new technological techniques and advances are occurring within the world of Materiality and Immateriality (i.e the physical and digital frontiers) and their influence and incorporation into the field of architecture.

I shall enter the discoveries, my thoughts on interesting texts, comments on our progress as well as our collective predictions, results and evaluations from our on going projects as the experiments continue. There will also be some of the photographs taken in the research workshop – our results from the fabric formed concrete – of which the header is one using bubble wrap.

Theoretical Fabrication:

The Theoretical Fabrication page contains a record of my thoughts on the contemporary architectural theory texts studied as part of the second semester lecture programme. I shall attempt vary my writing styles to suit different topics and assist the comprehension, analysis and application of the given theories to my past and present work. These ‘diary entries’ will place the subject within a wider architectural context in order to develop a personal critique of contemporary theory. These findings will inevitably direct my on-going ‘Disruptive Technology’ studio project.

I hope both you and I enjoy the process and the results.


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